YUNS finance

About Us


YUNS Finance was established in 2014 and has assisted numerous families, investors and businesses to achieve their financial goals. We are experts in the field and in providing sound solutions which has a solid evidence base from the financial sector. 

YUNS Finance is headed by Kevin Zhang, who is the Managing Director of the business. Kevin started in Finance in 2007 and since has worked for multiple globally listed financial institutions and banks. In 2014, Kevin decided to venture on his own with his expertise to provide exceptional service to his customers. YUNS Finance is highly customer focused and will cater to all your financial needs in the most professional manner.



We believe everyone has different situations in life and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 

We are here to provide a tailored made solution as we know everyone is unique.



We love your businesses, but the true source of our happiness is from you! It's your smiles, your happy tears, your two small little words "Thank You" ! It's you who made us Shine!